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Pressure Washing for

Decking, Paths and Patios

Decking and Patio Cleaning

Having decking, patios and paths leading to them pressure washed can breathe new life into those outside areas you enjoy. Whether you’re relaxing alone with a book, eating with family or entertaining guests, having the surface areas free from dirt, grime, moss and grass can make it a more pleasant experience.

There’s also the benefit of preventing or reducing cracking and small holes (known as pitting) from appearing over time as moss, algae and other substances can slowly erode materials such as brick and stone. Our Paving and Driveway Pressure Washing also prevents this.

Garden Path Pressure Washed
Before and After Patio Cleaned
Before and After Patio Cleaned

Soft Washes Also Available

Pressure washing may not be suitable for all areas of your garden, rockeries and gravelled areas for example. Where required, we can use alternative cleaning methods, giving what is known as a soft wash.

Regular maintenance helps prevent build ups of dirt, mosses and grass. We recommend having your decking, paths and patios washed a few times a year. You can also have us Clean Walls and Steps.

There are no chemicals used when we are pressure washing and for our soft washes we can use products that are not harmful to the environment.

All Types of

Decking, Paths and Patios

We’ve listed just some of the most common examples for the types of decking, paths and patios you can have AquaForce Pressure Washing clean. If you don’t see yours listed we would still like to hear from you.


  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Composite
  • uPVC

Paths / Patios

  • Concrete
  • Brick /¬†Stone
  • Pebbles / Gravel
  • Rubber Tiles

More of Our Work

Timber Decking Cleaned

Garden Path Power Washed

A High Quality Service Assured

At AquaForce Pressure Washing we always aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction!

We fully understand the importance of not only offering a high quality service in the actual work done, but also in the customer service given. You will find us to be not only great and getting all your external surfaces cleaned to a high standard but also reliable, punctual and fast working.

We communicate well with all of our customers, whether domestic or commercial, explaining the work to be done, the process and cleaning solutions used and what results to expect for any given job.

We’re highly skilled and experienced in all that we do, we’re also fully insured.

Competitive Rates

Being a home based family run business, offering a mobile service where we visit our customers, we don’t have the overheads that come with having shop or office premises.¬†

Using several suppliers to our industry, we are able to source the best prices for the professional equipment and various cleaning materials used helping us drive our costs down further.

These things combined allow us to be very competitive in our rates, offering you great value for the high level cleaning services undertaken.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates for all that we do, this can often be done over the phone or by simply messaging us through the form below.

If required, we can also visit the property to inspect the areas to be cleaned, enabling us to give a more accurate estimate for larger jobs.

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